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Gallery: Multi Axis Work

Multi axis turning is created by turning shapes using more than one axis on a lathe.
These ideas allow one to turn asymmetrical
spindles on the lathe and between centers. (Spindles turned on the lathe
traditionally produce symmetrical and round objects.)

This gallery includes a progression of the exploration of multi axis spindles. The more recent work is on the top.



round form

This is smaller and made to be held or to be shown as a sculpture.


tall sculpture

I am exploring how large I can create off center sculpture. (Spring 2016)


I decided to explore size and sculptural forms. (Spring, 2016)



Last winter, 2015, I made this. It gave me ideas to explore.


I have decided that nature makes the best multi axis elements! Summer, 2015


Each piece is turned on 6 axes and attached with a copper wire. The sculpture can be manipulated to create varrious forms. It is 15" tall.

Mu;ti axis

These scupltures were turned in April of 2014. Rude Osolnic gave me a demo piece of his candle stick in the 90's . It has been hanging in my shop for many years. He told me to find an elegant form and to keep it simple!!! I should have listened to him!!


Three MA Sculptures

This is called "Cluck, Clook, Click" referencing the sounds made ina the ancient language of the early caveman inhabitants of Ethiopia. The walnut scuplture on the left is one of a split turning, the cherry sculpture is made on 3 axes and the holly scuopture is also made on 3 axes between centers on the lathe.



This sculpture is 17 inches tall and made of holly. It was made in November of 2013.


I've discovered that I am an experimental turner. Well, maybe I've known that for a while!!

Moon Unfolding

This was made while contemplating an exhibit at Arrowmont "Light of the Moon'. It is 12"T x 3" Square





Harmony, 4.5"W X 4.5"L X 5"T, Spalted Holly, 12/24/2012

This is one piece of wood made by using 2 axes. It is an idea I had in 2005, but made on a completely different scale. It was inspired by an invitation to the AAW Exhibit in 2013, "Harmony".



sculpted cups


These cups are made by using the tenon to change the axes randomly. They are about 5"T


multi axis cups

These cups are an example of how the size of the wood changes the design of the object. Notice the twists, which are in opposite dirrections.

3"W X 2.75" T, 5/2012


candle holder

This candle holder is turned between centers with very little carving. It is 13.5" T and 3" square, made of Red Oak. 12/2011



3 Pots

These 3 were turned between centers in March, 2011


Multi axis forms

Turned in January 2011..I'm continuing to focus on forms that are turned between centers with little carving. The tallest is 8"by4"by2"; the other is 7"by3"by2".


Tea Set, Mulberry

Mulbery Tea Set, January, 2011


tea pot

Tea Set; Multi Axis; Holly: _10.5Tx5Wx4D, November, 2010



sugar bowl



Sugar Bowl with 6 sides and a carved spoon; 5Tx3.5W, 2010

cookie jar

Cookie Jar; Multi Axis with 6 sides; Holly; 7.5Tx4.5W, 2010



tea pot

The first experiment with this type of multi axis turning, October of 2010



These are the first goblets I made (2007-8). The stems have mutiple axes. The bases and the cups are turned on one axis.






I then realized that I could turn the three pieces (stem, cup and base) on many axes! (2008-9)


pepper mill

salt and pepper

Salt and Peper (2009)


The following are split turnings:

I wanted to turn larger pieces. Split turnings are balanced, so larger pieces of wood can be turned.



three in

"intimate or not"
ash and lacewood (2009)

to see more split turnings ,click here!